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UK Funeral Planning Services Ltd (UKFPS)

Funeral plans have become an integral part of the product mix for many sectors with over 200,000 plans sold each year to UK consumers. 


These sectors include Funeral Directors, Insurance Companies, and Pre-Planning Companies which adopt many varying distribution channels through affinity partners such as Supermarkets, Trade Associations, Charities, and Publication, to name but a few.

The sales and marketing of Funeral Plans direct to the consumer is generally conducted through tried and tested methods using a combination of techniques which include Telephone Sales, Websites/Emails, Direct Mail, Field Sales, and advertising on TV/Radio and Press. 

Many Funeral Plans today have primarily satisfied the financial element of the actual funeral (at-need) based on the wishes of the deceased at the time of taking out the plan. This gave little consideration for the family’s additional expenses before, during, and after the funeral.  


What makes us different 

We at UK Funeral Planning Services have taken a “holistic” approach in the way we create our funeral plans, applying great emphasis on the Emotional, Social, and Financial needs of the family all the way through their bereavement journey.

UKFPS have innovated unique elements that are inclusive of our whole diverse society of today, giving consideration to their own distinct customary requirements.




The “First of its kind”, specially designed and created for the specific funeral needs of the UK’s Asian community. The Asian Funeral Plan delivers the expressed wishes of the plan holder in accordance with their religious, cultural, and traditional needs whilst giving the reassurance that their loved ones will be spared the financial burden of the funeral expenses before, during, and after the funeral.


Asian Funeral Plan


Ash Govind

A senior executive and serial entrepreneur holding board level position spanning over 30 years in the Deathcare industry possessing a passion for innovation and ingenuity. Principal corporate responsibilities include Strategy, Investor & Stakeholder Relationships, Product & Service Development, Financial Governance, and PR & Marketing.






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